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The Golf Quiz

What type of golfer are you? Take a trip from tee to clubhouse with this quiz from the team at http://golfplan.co.uk/ and reveal your true golfing … [Read More...]


3 Ways to Save Money on Your Golf Habit

Forget baseball! Golf is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in America. With new courses popping up, exciting technology and equipment … [Read More...]

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6 Great Gifts for Golf Lovers

When the holidays roll around, people turn their thoughts to buying presents for loved ones. In an age where more and more people think that buying a … [Read More...]


Top 5 Most Dangerous Golf Courses in the World

Safe-Tee First: Top 5 Most Dangerous Golf Courses in the World Let's forget golf rentals and equipment releases for a while and delve into … [Read More...]


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’s TOP 5 Golf Courses in the World

Choosing a top-notch golf course can be more demanding than finding a golf shop online. At the moment you strike that simple click, you can find a … [Read More...]

Stereotypes Golf

Golfer Stereo Types

Here's a video that I can totally relate to. I play with some of these guys, how about you? Hmmm, I might be some of these guys ... … [Read More...]

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Adult Golf Jokes


It’s Good Exercise

The classroom was packed with pregnant women and their companions. The Lamaze training was in full swing. The instructor had been coaching the … [Read More...]


The Sailor and the Priest

A sailor and a priest were playing golf one beautiful Saturday afternoon. The sailor was a horrible golfer and tended to whiff quite a bit. He … [Read More...]



A father put his 3 year old daughter to sleep, shared with her a story and listened to the girl's prayers in which she closed by saying: "God bless … [Read More...]


Golf Records

One day a guy had gone golfing. Around the fifth tee he was separated from his buddies momentarily, and bumped right into a passing demon. "Hey … [Read More...]


That’s a Golf Ball of a Different Color

A golf enthusiast explores the pro shop and looks around the store frowning. Finally the pro questions the man specifically what he is looking … [Read More...]


Fairway to Heaven

Two couples play golf together regularly at their club. On the seventh hole, a par four, the second shot to the green must carry 90 yards over a small … [Read More...]

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