Dr Golf

Golf is a Dangerous Sport

Jamus O’Conner is playing a nice round of golf when he suddenly takes a hard struck golf ball right in the crotch. Writhing in agony, he drops to the turf. As soon as he can manage, he gathers himself up and hobbles to see Dr. O’Malley. “How bad is it Doc?” asks Jamus. “I’m  getting […]

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Confusion on the Golf Course

A man went to a strange town to be a guest speaker at a business meeting. When he arrived at the hotel, he realized he had several hours before he was to give the speech. He went down to the concierge and got directions to the nearest golf course. While playing on the front nine, […]

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Take My Advice

Walter and his nephew had spent a glorious day on the golf course and were having a few drinks together in the clubhouse when the nephew confided in him. “I have a dilemma, a choice between two women. A beautiful penniless young lady whom I love dearly, and a rich old widow, whom I don’t […]

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You ARE as Bad as You Think

An enthusiastic but unskilled golfer plays the same golf course every week. He always has great trouble with the par 3 sixteenth hole, which includes hitting over a large pond to carry the green. He always hits it short and ends up losing his golf ball to the water  gods. On approaching the 16th hole […]

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She Will Never Believe You

After an awesome day at the golf course, a guy stopped by the bar for a few drinks before heading home. There he struck up a conversation with a ravishing young blonde. They had a few drinks together, liked each other, and soon she invited him over to her condo. For two hours they made […]

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Old Golf Terminology

Four old men went into the pro shop after playing 18 holes of golf. The pro asked, “Did you guys have a good game today?” The first old guy said, “Yes, I had three riders today.” The second old guy said, “I had the most riders ever. I had five” The third old guy said, […]

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DriveByGolf Home Page

New Fresh Look for DriveByGolf

Check out the new look of DriveByGolf! After almost 4 years it was time for a face lift. I wanted to keep the same basic format with a brighter look and feel. I was using the Genesis Lifestyle theme. The new theme now is Canvas, by Woothemes. If you need a face lift for your […]

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The Final 5 Laws of Golf

OK, I lied, there’s a lot more than just 5 laws of golf. Probably a lot more than the 15 I’ve listed here. Add some of your own in the comment section below. Law 11 The shorter the hole, the greater red-faced embarrassment it will cause you. Never attempt a par 3 of less than […]

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5 More Laws of Golf

And you thought there were only 5 Laws of Golf, silly you … Law 6 No matter how bad you last shot was, the worst is still yet to come. This law is in effect not only over the course of the hole, today’s round, your next round, the rest of the summer, and eventually […]

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Lower Golf Scores

Be a Better Golfer

  • Golf For Beginners

    Golf For Beginners Are you intimidated when a friend or colleague asks you to play a game of golf? Afraid You’ll Look Foolish on the Golf Course?.. Don’t Know a Wood from an Iron?.. Want to Get In on One of the Fastest Growing Sports Around?.. “Start On The Right Foot, Avoid The Embarrassment, And […]

  • How To Play Business Golf

    A Golf lessons product I can recommend: How To Play Business Golf. Where Golf and Business Merge to become Business Golf. Do you want to be successful AND play more golf? Dear Friend, This information-packed eBook is LOADED with everything you need to know to succeed in playing Business Golf. The book is designed exclusively for […]

  • Beginner Golf Instruction

    Beginner Golf Instruction Beginner Golf Instruction: How To Play Golf. This eBook is designed for both beginnners to golfers who want to break 85 or 90s all broken down to the individual parts so the average golfer has a solid reference for every component of their golf game. Beginner Golf Instruction

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