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Big Balls Shirt FrontIf you go to the Big Balls Golf website the homepage simply states “Cool Golf Shirts”. Well, I like to golf and I like to be cool so I grabbed a shirt and gave it a try.

I got the Flex Polo Black, performance polo made from 100% polyester with moisture wicking properties. The black might have been a bad idea, since I live in Arizona and it’s June (average high temperature for this time if year is 104) but black is always “cool” looking.

It turns out that this golf shirt is cool in more ways than one. With its distinctive logos and sleek style it not only looked cool, but it also seemed to keep me cool as well. Another great feature that you might not think about is the length of the shirt. It’s plenty long enough to stay tucked in all day without having to tuck and re-tuck constantly. And for those of you who like the un-tucked look, it’s also not so long that it looks like a dress, it’s just the right coolness length.

When trying to reach that par 5 in two I don’t want my swing to be restricted by my clothing. (that’s why I moved from Washington state to Arizona, it’s just too hard to swing with all that rain gear on!) The Big Balls Golf shirt is just stretchy enough to be very comfortable and doesn’t lose it’s shape or styling.

My golf buddies are jealous of my Big Balls Golf shirt because I wear it most times golfing because it is officially now my favorite golf shirt. Well, at least I know what to get them for their birthdays!

Big Balls Shirt Back

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