Who the heck is GolfDawgg?

Hello fellow avid golfers!

I’m GolfDawgg, an avid golfer and website developer/hobbyist. I now live and play in Surprise, Arizona, about 45 minutes NW of Phoenix. In November of 2010 we moved from Castle Rock, Colorado, a small town just south of Denver, but I’m originally from the Seattle, WA area. That should explain my nickname on the site as I am a “rabid” University of Washington Husky fan (excuse the pun). I usually hover anywhere between a 12 to 16 handicap. I will miss playing out of the Red Hawk Ridge Men’s Club at the beautiful Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course. Check out my video tour of Red Hawk Ridge GC here.

Purpose and Concept of

Learn about the game of golf. Have some fun doing it.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that golf isn’t that much fun when you’re not playing well. I’m always looking for that little tip or lesson that will trigger some improvement in my game. I also enjoy a good laugh, a funny video or a great golf joke. Seems like you have to go to several different sites to get both of these features. We plan to provide that, and a lot more, here at DriveByGolf. This site launched in April of 2010 and will always be a work in progress. Please feel free to Contact me with any comments, suggestions, or golf jokes, riddles and stories.

I will always be on the lookout for special offers, promotions or deals involving the game of golf. And I’ll be honest – I hope to make a few bucks to help support my golf habit (Arizona golf can be expensive!). So, if you see any offers that interest you, please check them out.

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