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SkyCaddie SG4

GPS Systems, Do You Have One?

Did you know that GPS (Global Positioning Systems) systems have been around since 1959? Not sure when they were applied to golfing but hole tracking systems have been around for quite a while now. I resisted purchasing one for quite a while because: I didn’t think I needed to know the EXACT yardage to the […]

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Skycaddie connection adjustment

SkyGolf, Kiss My …

Earlier I blogged about my GPS system, specifically the SkyCaddie SG4. All things considered, for a few years, I was pretty happy with it. Then one day, I couldn’t get the tiny little screw to fasten for the charging and data port connection. It barely caught like half a thread anyway. There is no way […]

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Skycaddie connection adjustment

SkyGolf Part 3

Even though my brilliant plan to solve my Golfcaddie connection issue was a huge success, I decided to pursue acquisition of the correct parts from SkyGolf one more time. On their support page I notice they have a live chat feature. I’ve used live chat on other websites and it works great for instant problem […]

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