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Golf Cart Blunder

Golf Cart or Dune Buggy?

So … what NOT to do when the fairways are slippery. The Scene: Stoneridge Golf Club, Prescott, AZ. A must-play golf course by the way if you live in Arizona. Conditions: Started out sunny and warm, high 70’s, which is cool by our normal climate of 100+ this time of year down in the valley.  […]

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$5000 Book

$5000 Golf Book

Would you pay $5000 for a golf book? If so, I think you’ve got way too much money. To be fair there are actually two books, each protected by a clamshell box. Inside the box is a detailed map of “The Old Course”. Oh, well, then it’s all worth it then, eh? The books include […]

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Mowin the lawn

Mowing the Golf Course

Doing The Mowing I love my job. Doing the mowing is so easy. Even though I’m supposed to keep the entire golf course mowed to a certain level, I find that I’m able to do so with ease. It’s almost as if the lawn mows itself sometimes. I don’t even have a large staff, nor […]

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Skeet Golf

Skeet Golfing?

Can you imagine trying to hit a clay pigeon disk out of the sky with a golf shot? If you’ve seen The Golf Channel’s The Big Break, you’ve watched as countless golf shots miss a stationary 12″ square pane 20 feet away. Is this even possible? After watching the video below, Tap Here to find […]

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The Women’s Tee

When I saw this video it brought back a lot of great golf memories. Well, maybe “great” isn’t the right word. If you’ve played the game of golf for any length of time I’m sure you’ve heard the term ” D.O.” or “dick out”. So, what exactly does that mean? According to the Urban Dictionary: […]

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Compact Golf Swing

Golf in Japan Introduced in Japan around 1910, golf is gradually gaining in popularity. There are now about 3,000 golf courses, either private or public, although the private ones predominate. The golf courses are laid out very beautifully, though most of them are much narrower and have more hazards than those in the United States. […]

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