Get Fit to Golf

Get Fit to Golf – Fixes Your Swing & Golf Biomechanics
Online Golf Biomechanics Analysis and Tailor-Made Golf Fitness Training Program. Fix your golf swing with a unique personalized program that corrects your swing fault based on posture, muscle imbalances and biomechanics to improve your golf game.
Get Fit to Golf – Fixes Your Swing & Golf Biomechanics

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  1. fix that golf swing November 26, 2011 at 1:04 PM #

    The placement of the ball seems to allow you to slice the ball because you are coming upon the ball and not flat affecting it. Shanking comes also from not aligning the club head behind the ball where exactly the impact line is at and not taking a divot in front of the ball. In other words hitting through the ball. Try to slightly lift the toe of the club at address before swinging back. You must hit the ball and take some turf to get a solid hit.

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