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Fog Golf

Two dimwitted golfers are teeing off on a foggy par-3. They can see the flag, but not the green. The first golfer hits his ball into the fog and the second golfer does the same. They proceed to the green to find their balls. One ball is about 6 feet from the cup while the […]

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How to Build a Golf Course

A German, Englishman and American are traveling on a train. They get bored and start telling each other about their families. The German says I have 4 kids, one more and they’ll make a basketball team.” The Englishman says, “Ha! That’s nothing I have 10 boys, one more and I’ll be the world-champion soccer-team’s coach.” […]

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Tiger Woods plays Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder and Tiger Woods are in a bar. Tiger turns to Stevie and says, “How is the singing career going?” Stevie Wonder says, “Not too bad, the latest album has gone into the top 10, so all in all I think it is pretty good. By the way how’s the golf?” Woods replies: “Not […]

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Arrowhead Golf Club

Arrowhead Golf Club, Colorado

This course is no where near Denver and not even close to what I would call Littleton, Colorado. That’s a good thing. Arrowhead Golf Club is located about 40 minutes southwest of Denver proper, and actually in Roxborough Park. The key features of Arrowhead are  the large red rock outcroppings, which you just can’t take […]

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Lake Shastina Golf Resort

Lake Shastina Golf Resort Review

Our Washington State group has been invading the Lake Shastina Golf Resort almost every year since 1992, and some of our “Elders” since the early 60’s. How this place has been kept a secret, I’ll never know. Since then several group members have relocated to various places across the country, including myself. Lake Shastina Golf […]

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A Shipwrecked Scotsman

A shipwrecked Scotsman finally washed ashore on a small island. As he regained consciousness on the beach, he noticed a beautiful, unclad nymphet standing over him. “Would you like some food?” she asked. The Scot hoarsely croaks, “Och, lassie, I havna’ ittin a bite in a week noo and I am verra hungry!” She disappeared […]

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Visiting a Golf Course

An elderly lady from a remote interior village went to one of Philadelphia’s most fashionable suburbs to visit her niece and husband. Nearby was a very well-known golf course. On the second afternoon of her visit, the elderly lady went for a stroll. Upon her return, the young niece asked, “Well, Auntie, did you enjoy […]

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Mowin the lawn

Mowing the Golf Course

Doing The Mowing I love my job. Doing the mowing is so easy. Even though I’m supposed to keep the entire golf course mowed to a certain level, I find that I’m able to do so with ease. It’s almost as if the lawn mows itself sometimes. I don’t even have a large staff, nor […]

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