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But it Looks Cool When I Do It

An amateur golfer was talking to his golf pro. “How do you get so much backspin on your golf ball?” he asked. The golf pro says, “Before I answer that question, let me ask you one first. How far do you hit your seven iron?” “About 130 yards, I guess”, replies the amateur. Pro: “Then […]

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It’s All in The Stance #2

“I don’t know about the new pro.” said Andrew. “He may be a little strange.” “Why do you say that?” inquired Marty. “A little while ago, he tried to correct my stance again.” “So what?” said Marty. “He’s just trying to help your golf game.” “Yeah, I know.” replied Andrew. “But I was standing at […]

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Putting is Hard, er, Soft

Grandpa been playing golf whenever possible for over 78 years. Today had been no exception, he was out early and played his 18. Directly after golf he attended his great, great-grandson’s wedding. During the wedding reception, he was conversing with his great- grandson, giving advice on having a happy marriage and a great life. After […]

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Good Instructions

Posted At A Local Golf Club 1.      Back straight, knees bent, feet shoulder width apart. 2.      Form a loose grip. 3.      Keep your head down. 4.      Avoid a quick back swing. 5.      Stay out of the water. 6.      Try not to hit anyone. 7.      If you are taking too long, please let others go ahead […]

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Your Best Golf Tip

Elle Mc Pherson has taken up golf and has been trying to break 100 but can’t. She’s had 100, 101,102 but still can’t crack the ton. One day she turns up at her local course and asks three guys teeing off if she can join in. These guys are wrapped and agree immediately. She tells […]

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Golf Hole with a Barn

The man hit his drive behind a barn and could not see the green. His wife said, “I’ll open the doors on both ends of the barn and you can hit the ball through the barn to the green”. When the husband did this he hit his wife in the temple and killed her on […]

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Putting Grip – Cross Handed

An article by: Bobby Eldridge – PurePoint Golf (Comment by GolfDawgg) The original title to this article was “Putting Grip – Left Hand Low”, which is fine for right-handed golfers. As many of you know, GolfDawgg is one of those weird individuals who does absolutely everything left-handed, including golf. However, I have always gripped the […]

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Golf Fitness Challenge

Golf Fitness Challenge The ultimate golf fitness challenge is here! -if you perform the right exercises and stretches for your game, you WILL SEE AND FEEL A DIFFERENCE and that difference is game changing and translates to immediate improvement on the course. -you do not have to pay thousands of dollars or travel the entire […]

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