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Women Join The Club

Since the admission of women to the club, members are asked to obey the following rules: Ladies are prohibited from touching the gentlemen’s balls either with hands or club. Players are requested to remain silent during the short strokes. All players with partners are requested to come together. When the lady partner comes first, the […]

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Tiger Woods plays Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder and Tiger Woods are in a bar. Tiger turns to Stevie and says, “How is the singing career going?” Stevie Wonder says, “Not too bad, the latest album has gone into the top 10, so all in all I think it is pretty good. By the way how’s the golf?” Woods replies: “Not […]

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How To Play Business Golf

A Golf lessons product I can recommend: How To Play Business Golf. Where Golf and Business Merge to become Business Golf. Do you want to be successful AND play more golf? Dear Friend, This information-packed eBook is LOADED with everything you need to know to succeed in playing Business Golf. The book is designed exclusively for […]

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