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It’s All in The Stance

A lady is out on the links one sunny day when she suddenly screams and dashes back to the clubhouse. She confronts the resident pro and tells him, “I’ve just been stung by a bee!” “Where were you stung?” asks the pro. “Between the first and second holes,” she replies. “Well, it’s no wonder,” answers […]

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The Nympho

Two golfers are waiting their turn on the tee when a naked women runs across the fairway and into the woods. Two men in white coats and another guy carrying two buckets of sand are chasing her, and a little old man is bringing up the rear. One of the golfers grabs the old man […]

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Doctor’s On The Way

A husband and wife were playing on the ninth green when she collapsed from a heart attack. The husband ran off saying, “I’ll go get some help.” A little while later he returned, picked up his putter and began to line up his shot. His wife, on the ground, raised up her head and said, […]

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Another Golf Injury

A couple of women were playing golf one sunny Saturday morning. The first of the twosome teed off and watched in horror as her ball headed directly toward a foursome of men playing the next hole. Indeed, the ball hit one of the men, and he immediately clasped his hands together at his crotch, fell […]

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Women Join The Club

Since the admission of women to the club, members are asked to obey the following rules: Ladies are prohibited from touching the gentlemen’s balls either with hands or club. Players are requested to remain silent during the short strokes. All players with partners are requested to come together. When the lady partner comes first, the […]

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Please Take a Free Drop

A husband and wife were out playing golf. They tee off and one drive goes to the right and one drive goes to the left. The wife finds her ball in a patch of buttercups. She grabs a club and takes a mighty swing at the ball. She hits a beautiful second shot, but in […]

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