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Women Join The Club

Since the admission of women to the club, members are asked to obey the following rules: Ladies are prohibited from touching the gentlemen’s balls either with hands or club. Players are requested to remain silent during the short strokes. All players with partners are requested to come together. When the lady partner comes first, the […]

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Can We Play Through?

Two strangers met on the first tee of the golf club and after playing a few holes got behind two women who really slowed them down. One golfer says to the other, “You go up and ask them if we can play through.” The second golfer gets about half way up then turns and runs […]

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Really? The Red Tees?

A fellow has a week off and decides to play a round of golf every day. First thing Monday morning, he sets off on his first round and soon catches up to the person in front. He sees that this is a woman and, as he catches up to her on a par 3, that, […]

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Ultimate Womens Golf Guide

Check out these Golf tips products: Ultimate Womens Golf Guide The single most comprehensive guide to womens golf. Offers instruction on all aspects of the game. Brand new. When it comes to golf, don’t worry about being embarrassed or unsure of what to do next…I’m going to fix that right now. Here’s why: I’m going […]

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