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Golf or BMW Joke?


A guy was on a holiday in Mexico and figuring he might as well live it up a little he rented a 7-series BMW to go to the nearest golf course for a round of golf. On the way there he noticed that the car was low on gas and stopped at a small out-of-the-way gas station to fill up.

The attendant was obviously impressed by the car and while the golfer was on the way to the men’s room the attendant noticed that he had dropped some small ‘things’ while he was getting out of the car.

Not knowing what they were and hoping for a big tip, when the golfer returned to the car the attendant asked, “Excuse me sir but are these yours?”

“Yes, thanks! Those are my tees.”

“What are they for?”

“They are to put my balls on when I’m driving”

“Damn German engineers think of everything don’t they?!”


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