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5 More Laws of Golf


And you thought there were only 5 Laws of Golf, silly you …

Law 6
No matter how bad you last shot was, the worst is still yet to come. This law is in effect not only over the course of the hole, today’s round, your next round, the rest of the summer, and eventually a lifetime. It will dog you forever.

Law 7
Golf balls never bounce off of trees, rocks or other hazards, and then back into play. If this should actually happen, that object is breaking a natural law, the tree will probably get cut down, or the rock will be moved by the next time you play.

Law 8
Law #2 also applies your best round of golf. It will followed almost immediately by the most damning, nasty, ugly, soul-destroying 18 holes ever. The probability of latter increases with the number of buddies you told about the former.

Law 9
The driver is a club possessed by the devil, with a particular propensity to slice or hook the ball into the adjacent fairway at the most inopportune moment. This club performs even worse for those of us who play in the desert, where there are no adjacent fairways.

Law 10
While appearing innocent and inert, sand is actually a living organism, with the intent to ensure that you will never get out of its clutches, even with 5 or 6 mighty swings with your wedge.

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