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Teddy sent me a message the other day about a film project he wants to do. He and 3 others are planning a golf journey like no other, 50 courses in 50 states in 50 days. Sounds like something I would have done in my “younger” days. (At one stage of my life, myself and 3 others bowled for 3 days straight to help raise money for the Jerry Lewis Telethon & Muscular Dystrophy.)

Here’s what Teddy sent me:

My name is Teddy Leinbach. I am a recent college graduate with a film degree and, more importantly, a 6 handicap. I was looking over your blog and you have a great site!

To get straight to the point, there is a problem in golf right now. Golf is coming off the high of the Tiger-era and interest continues to decline every year. Even with exciting young golfers taking over the game at the pro-level, the amateur level continues to be dominated by an older, wealthier demographic, and fails to draw much interest from anyone else. As someone who found a passion for the game away from a country club, I believe this is not a fundamental problem with golf, but rather, a problem with the way it is marketed, especially in the United States.

I am in the pre-production phase of a film I am directing called ’50 OVER’. It is a journey film about 4 friends who travel across America, stopping in all 50 states in 50 days, playing a round of golf in each state. By using second-hand clubs, playing at inexpensive courses, discussing our ideas with like-minded people, camping along the way, dressing in non-traditional golfing attire, and embodying an attitude that is drastically different from the stereotypical golfer, my team and I hopes to provide a glimpse into a different, less elite, more fun view of golf.

Here is a link to our Facebook page and website to learn more:


Good Luck Guys!

Update: They did it! Check out the links above for details.

Congrats Guys!


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