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$5000 Golf Book

$5000 Book

Would you pay $5000 for a golf book? If so, I think you’ve got way too much money.

To be fair there are actually two books, each protected by a clamshell box. Inside the box is a detailed map of “The Old Course”. Oh, well, then it’s all worth it then, eh?

The books include photographs by Ian Lowe and words by George Peper, former editor of Golf Magazine. Together they created a two-volume ode to links courses called Golf Links of Scotland.

Only 150 of these books will be sold as a tribute to 150 years of the Open Championship which took place earlier last year. Don’t look for a paperback edition to come out anytime soon, if at all.

I wonder if I can get in on the affiliate marketing for that …

Go to golflinksofscotland.com for a preview or to order a copy,


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