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7 Most Effective Ways to Quit Golf


Have you ever been this frustrated with your game of Golf? I know I have. Earlier I presented the video on how to throw a golf club, which had nothing to do with actually quitting the game. The problem with just throwing a club is that you still have 13 more left in your bag to play the game with. Still too much golf equipment to actually quit.

In my younger days, I have broken a putter after four putting and losing a match play hole. Also, there is a left-handed sand wedge at the bottom of the pond on hole #8 at Great Eagle golf club in Surprise, AZ. (That club throwing lesson really came in handy there). However, I was able to still play the game and never really gave me a chance to actually quit the game of golf.

Follow the video below as Will Robins shows us the 7 Most Effective Ways to Quit the game of golf. I tried #6 once (The Hit and Run) except that it was with a golf cart and someone elses clubs. Hey, just trying to help a friend out with his addiction, ya know.


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