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A Seattle Boy Living in Arizona


This will be my seventh full summer living here in Arizona. And compared to living most of my life in Washington state, I’ve realized that things are just backwards here . I’m sure this list will grow but here’s a list of 50 items I find strange and you might too if you once lived in a cooler climate (like Seattle):

If You Lived Here You Might Find It Strange That …

  1. You haven’t worn long pants in the last 8 months
  2. You’re not even sure where your long pants are
  3. You have a hard time finding your shoes
  4. Your feet have funny patterned tan lines
  5. You expect cold water to come of the cold water tap
  6. The water coming out of the cold water side is hotter than the hot water side
  7. You rejoice a cloudy day so you can go golfing in less than 100 degree weather
  8. You look forward to a summer bowling league so you can be indoors
  9. It hasn’t rained in 5 months
  10. When it does rain, your front yard floods every time
  11. When it does rain, your swimming pool overflows
  12. Almost no one has a real grass lawn
  13. What lawns you see are astro-turf
  14. Instead of evergreens there are palm trees everywhere
  15. Instead of rhododendrons everyone has several varieties of cactus in their front yard
  16. In the winter, if you are wearing shorts and a T-shirt, people will say “You’re not from around here are you?”
  17. Your drinking water usually comes out of a plastic container of some sort
  18. You learn NOT to order water at a restaurant
  19. It only stays light until about 8:00 at night
  20. If you don’t have air conditioning in your car and it’s 107 outside, it’s actually better to have the windows rolled up than the hot air hitting you in the face
  21. If your air conditioning breaks, either in your house or car, you will somehow magically always find a way to pay to get it fixed
  22. It’s too hot to be outside, even when it’s dark
  23. You live in only 1 of 3 areas in the US that don’t do Daylight Savings time
  24. You can’t run through the sprinkler in the summer because the water coming out of the hose is too hot
  25. Ceiling fans are running 24/7 in every room of your house
  26. You learn to start your car and crank the air conditioning BEFORE you even get in
  27. That it didn’t even dawn on you that it was a bad idea to leave your Christmas candles out in the garage all summer
  28. Your BBQ is pretty much pre-heated even before you fire it up
  29. In the summer, you can play 18 holes for less than $20 with a cart
  30. In the winter, at that same course, 18 holes will cost you $150
  31. Every house in your neighborhood is beige
  32. What they call mountains here wouldn’t qualify as hills in the Pacific NW
  33. The population doubles in the winter time
  34. Everybody has a 6 foot block wall around their backyard
  35. Convertible weather starts in October
  36. People don’t like birds here, in fact they hate a species called the “Snowbird”
  37. Chinese restaurants don’t know what BBQ pork slices are
  38. Good Teriyaki takeout is really hard to find
  39. I really miss bodies of salt water, snow on the mountains, and Dick’s Drive-in
  40. Your car will look dirtier than you started if you wash it and don’t dry it within 23.6 seconds
  41. Palm trees are NOT native to Arizona
  42. The sports stadiums close their roofs when it’s sunny and warm
  43. The football stadium looks like the mother ship has landed
  44. The football stadium keeps its grass field outside and wheels it in when it’s needed
  45. Monsoon season starts in July (as opposed to Seattle’s season which is year-around)
  46. You will buy a refrigerator based purely on the capacity of the ice maker
  47. Dust storms, called Haboob’s, happen in Monsoon season and can be epic
  48. You’re still blown away by the fact that when you walk outside from a building it’s way hotter than inside
  49. The reason you’re going to California for vacation is to cool down
  50. In some cities there are more golf carts on the road than cars


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