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Arnold and Jesus Play Golf


Jesus and Arnold Palmer were playing golf. It’s Arnold’s turn to tee off, and so he does. It’s a long drive straight up the fairway, and he’s about a seven iron off the green.

“Not bad,” Jesus says. So He steps up to tee off, and his too is a straight drive up the fairway, but a little shorter.

Just as the ball comes to a stop, a gopher pops out of its hole, grabs the ball in its mouth and starts to run up the fairway. Before it can even get ten feet, an eagle swoops down out of the heavens and grabs the gopher in its mouth and flies off towards the green.

Just as the trio gets above the hole, a lightning bolt strikes out of a cloudless sky and vaporizes both the eagle and the gopher. The ball drops straight down into the hole for a hole in one.

Arnold Palmer turns to Jesus and says, “Are you going to play golf or are you going to fool around?”


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