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You ARE as Bad as You Think


An enthusiastic but unskilled golfer plays the same golf course every week. He always has great trouble with the par 3 sixteenth hole, which includes hitting over a large pond to carry the green. He always hits it short and ends up losing his golf ball to the water  gods.

On approaching the 16th hole this time, he decides that its getting too expensive to repeat this process every time. He opens up his bag, pulls out an old cut up golf ball, tees it up and addresses it.

Just as he starts his backswing, he’s startled by a mighty voice from above, “USE THE NEW BALL ….”

Figuring any advice coming form such a lofty place might be worth considering, he returns the old ball to the bag and tees up the new ball again.

Going through his routine he starts his backswing once more but again is interrupted by the booming voice, “TAKE A PRACTICE SWING.”

The man steps away from the ball and rehearses his swing. He steps forward to launch the ball but before he can even take a backswing, the voice speaks again, “USE THE OLD BALL.”


Another version from my friends at Tight Lies:



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