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Be Nice to Your Caddy


At a posh golf club in Cancun, a very arrogant and nasty Englishman is playing a round of golf. He is quite abusive to his Mexican caddy but all smiles and buddy-buddy with his clients.

At the sixth hole he has a 185 yard shot to the green, all water to carry. He demands of his caddy, “What club do I use for this shot?”

The caddy says, in broken English, “When Mr. Graeme McDowell play here last year, he use six iron.”

The golfer rudely snatches the six iron out of the bag, addresses the ball with a few waggles and let’s it fly.

The ball splashes a few yards short of dry land and the Englishman is furious. “Hey stupid, you gave me a six iron and it was obviously not enough to carry the water hazard. I went right into the water!”

The caddy replies, “That’s exactly what Mr. Graeme McDowell did too!”


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