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A foursome approached the 10th tee and the man with the honors was just about to tee one up when a ranger drove up and interrupted their play. He pointed to the man who had ridden with him and was now carrying his clubs toward the green.

“Could you let my friend play through? He’ll be quick, he hits it long and straight. I’m asking for him because he’s deaf and dumb. How about letting him on through?” said the ranger.

“We’re not too shabby ourselves, and I’m one of the longest drivers around. We paid our money and what’s more, we have carts. He can wait his turn as we did,” said the man, and he teed up his ball, set up quickly, and sent one screaming down the fairway.

The ranger, a bit surprised, decided to bow out. He shrugged and walked back to his friend and explained to him in sign language that he’d have to wait and then drove off. The other three men teed off rather quickly too, and the carts were soon well down the runway.

When it came time for the first golfer to hit his ball (his ball had gone the farthest), he sent one up, right on the green. He was back in his cart and was starting to brag when he was smacked on the back of his neck with a golf ball. He whipped the cart around and looked back.

‘Way back on the tee was the deaf and dumb man holding up four fingers.


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