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Bubba Watson – More Albatros


Earlier I posted a video of Graeme McDowell holeing out for a 2 on a par five. Now watch as Bubba Watson does the same.

Bubba Watson is currently ranked 2nd as the longest driver on the PGA Tour averaging a distance of 309.8 yards in 2010! Shows you what a little bit of talent and some great golf equipment can to for you!

In the second round of the Chevron World Golf Challenge, Bubba Watson hits a massive drive which leaves him with 283 yards to the green on the long par 5. He pulls out his 4 wood and lands his approach shot just a few yards from the hole. As seen in this movie, the ball slowly starts moving towards the hole and shortly drops in the hole for a double eagle, otherwise known as an Albatross in golf terms. Unbelievable! Congratulations Bubba Watson!


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