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The Lighter Side of Golf

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How did I get on the shneid in the first place?

You're at the turn and not playing very well. You haven't won a skin all day and suddenly you realize your still "on the schneid". It's time to...

How to Throw a Golf Club

Over the years you are going to try new things. Some things you've never tried before. Other things you might have tried but failed...

Golf Cart or Dune Buggy?

So ... what NOT to do when the fairways are slippery. The Scene: Stoneridge Golf Club, Prescott, AZ. A must-play golf course by the way...

Ben Crane’s Pre-Round Routine

Ben stole my routine! This is exactly what I do before a men's club tournament. The water was really cold in Colorado, should be...
$5000 Book

$5000 Golf Book

Would you pay $5000 for a golf book? If so, I think you've got way too much money. To be fair there are actually two...

Skeet Golfing?

Can you imagine trying to hit a clay pigeon disk out of the sky with a golf shot? If you've seen The Golf Channel's...

Compact Golf Swing

Golf in Japan Introduced in Japan around 1910, golf is gradually gaining in popularity. There are now about 3,000 golf courses, either private or public,...

Bubba Watson – More Albatros

Earlier I posted a video of Graeme McDowell holeing out for a 2 on a par five. Now watch as Bubba Watson does the...

Phil’s 2-Ball Bunker Trick Shot

Maybe it's because he's a southpaw and sets up to the golf ball (if not the world) in a strange way. Or maybe Phil...

Ball Hitting Ball

What happens when your golf ball hits another already on the green? Watch as Jose Maria Olazabal hits his golf ball straight into Jose Maria...
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