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Does this look like yours?


A barber was cutting hair one day when a guy came into the shop with a bandage right in the middle of his forehead.

After sitting down in the chair, he asked what had  happened.

“Yesterday I was playing golf with my mother-in-law. On the third hole she sliced her ball way over into a cow pasture. She really hates to lose a ball so we climbed over the fence to look for the ball. We looked for quite a while but the only thing we could find in that pasture was an ugly old cow.

My mother-in-law screamed, “I’m not leaving until I find that ball!”

After continuing on the useless search I passed by the cow and, with nothing to lose, I lifted the cow’s tail and sure enough, there was a golf ball stuck right there.

I called my mother-in-law over and said, “Does this look like yours?”

And she hit me in the head with a 7 iron.



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