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Is That an Eagle?


A young man was playing alone on a gorgeous clear afternoon, not having a care in the world.

After parring the first 3 holes he tees it up on the fourth, a 420 yard par four and hits a perfect drive right down the middle.

Taking aim for his second shot to the green with his 3 iron, he shanks it to the right.

The golf ball hits a tree, ricochets back to his location where it smacks him right between the eyes, killing him dead right there on the fairway.

His spirit floats up to the Pearly Gates.

“Who are you?” says St. Peter.

“Ernie Steadman”, says Ernie Steadman.

St. Peter checks the list on his clipboard and looks confused.

“You’re not on the list. I don’t have any record of you being due here anytime soon. How did you get here?”

“In two”.


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