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El Rio Golf Course

We were in Laughlin, NV back in March of 2008 and we played 3 golf courses in the area in 3 days. Here we are again in 2011, 3 years later. In searching for courses online it looks like there’s 4 pretty nice resort type courses in the area. Mojave Resort Golf Club – $84, Laughlin Ranch Golf Club – $107, El Rio Golf & Country Club – $84, and Los Lagos Golf Club – $85.

Hole #17, one of the fun ones

Not cheap by our standards but cheaper than sitting in a casino for 5 hours, and a lot more fun, if you ask me. Since 2008 I must have killed those brain cells that held the memories of playing any of those courses, except for Los Lagos. The point here is that I don’t remember playing El Rio before but it turns out we had. And now we remember why we couldn’t remember playing it. Forgettable!

As of late we have dreaded seeing the America Golf sign as we drive up to any golf course. They seem to be really good at taking a decent course and running it into the ground. El Rio seems to be another casualty of the American Golf corporation.

I think this course is over-watered a bit

The only memory that snapped back into place as we drove up was when Dave decided to cool off by driving through a big puddle in the middle of the cart path. His passenger was not amused.


There were a few fun holes but mostly to us, the holes were pretty boring. The biggest gripe was the condition of the course. Greens had a lot of bare spots and at least one hole had some mower damage. The fairways were pretty rough with a lot of bare spots and standing water (it’s the freakin’ desert for cris’ sake).

El Rio was the first course we played this trip. After playing the other courses (at the same price) we were even more angry that El Rio is charging the same as Los Lagos and Mojave Resort (reviews on those later).

El Rio, you should be ashamed of yourselves for charging us $84 dollars for a course in this shape! (That was the “Casino” rate. $120 without staying at one of the casinos on Laughlin)

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