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Fairway to Heaven


Two couples play golf together regularly at their club. On the seventh hole, a par four, the second shot to the green must carry 90 yards over a small pond.

For years, Mrs. Smith could never carry the water and would always splash, totally psyched out by the expanse of liquid disaster.

Her friend suggested that she might want to try hypnotherapy to help in such a situation. So the woman went to see a hypnotherapist for a few sessions.

In those sessions Mrs. Smith was hypnotized with the suggestions that while playing that seventh hole she would not see water, but a rather plush  green fairway leading all the way up to the green.

About 6 months later someone at the club asked whatever happened to Mrs. Smith as he hadn’t seen her in several months.

“It was terrible,” said the club Pro. “A few months ago she drowned on the seventh …”


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