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The Final 5 Laws of Golf


OK, I lied, there’s a lot more than just 5 laws of golf. Probably a lot more than the 15 I’ve listed here. Add some of your own in the comment section below.

Law 11
The shorter the hole, the greater red-faced embarrassment it will cause you. Never attempt a par 3 of less than 100 yards.

Law 12
According the Scolotion theory of economics, the more money you spend on golf clubs, golf lessons, and golf equipment of any kind, the worse your game will get.

Law 13
The number of injuries and fatalities on a golf course is directly proportional to the amount of alcohol consumed and the size of the fleet of golf carts on the course that particular day. Double this number if it’s a charity scramble tournament event.

Law 14
While a sever slice can be a thing of awesome power and beauty, it will eventually destroy you, your game, your business and possibly your marriage.

Law 15
Nature has a way of leveling things out. If your driver is hot, your putter is ice cold; if you can hit your irons, you will top your woods; if you keep your right elbow tucked in, your head will come up.

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