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Golf Cart Communities: A Modern Trend


Most of us are used to seeing golf carts make their rounds across the course, but we don’t normally see them behind us in traffic. Though it may seem a little strange, these diminutive vehicles have become the primary mode of transportation in a number of communities across the nation (and Canada).

A number of municipalities have even passed ordinances to legalize the use of golf carts on the street. To accommodate this increase in golf cart traffic, smooth roadways, bridges and parking lots have been constructed for golf cart drivers to use on their daily commute. The maximum speed for most golf carts is between 20 and 25 mph, making them perfect for a cruise to the grocery store, doctor’s office or neighbourhood coffee shop. Some of the more tricked out golf carts can zoom up to 45 mph.

The Rise in Golf Cart Communities Explained

The rise in golf cart communities can be broken down to a combination of convenience, trend and economics. Can you really blame someone for choosing a fun, fuel-efficient vehicle over a gas-guzzling SUV?

These days, golf carts also come in a plethora of shapes, sizes and colors. They’ve become far more stylish than many “regular” cars. Most golf carts also come equipped with safety features such as side mirrors, turning signals, headlights, seatbelts and windshield wipers – making them a great alternative form of transportation for people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a personal vehicle (e.g., seniors, teenagers and people with disabilities). Golf carts also reduce both air and noise pollution in residential communities.

Golf Cart Communities and Safety Concerns

At this point, one of the major pitfalls of the golf carting community appears to be related to safety. Each year, approximately 15 percent of golf cart injuries occur on the street, and these injuries are the most likely to result in concussions or hospitalization. Studies have also shown that golf carts traveling as slow as 11 mph can easily eject and injure a passenger during a turn.

Though many city officials in these golf carting communities are working towards enhanced safety, it’s been difficult to keep up with the recent surge in golf cart commuters – especially when many of them don’t even have a current driver’s license.

Top Golf Cart Communities by City

Do you wish you lived in a golf cart community? Check out some of the famed communities below:

  • Catalina Island, CA
  • Celebration, FL
  • Chickahominy Haven in Lanexa, Virginia
  • Coronado, California
  • Hot Springs Villages, Arkansas
  • Leaf Rapids, N. Manitoba (Canada)
  • Lincoln, California
  • Palm Desert, California
  • Peachtree, Georgia
  • Playa Vista, California
  • Sun City, Arizona
  • Villages, Florida

This is a guest post by Briana Davis on behalf of Superior Golf Cars, an industry leading supplier of golf cart rentals. She writes more on the Superior Golf Cars blog.


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