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Golf in Scotland


A young American golf fanatic, six months new to the game, decided to make the trip of a lifetime to Scotland, the holy land of golf.

Upon his arrival he quickly headed out to the course and arranged a tee time for a short time later.
As per his PGA teaching professional’s instructions, he requested and secured the best caddie the course had to offer-Old Angus, the pride of the links for 48 years.

Happily the young American set off on his dream round but 16 holes later numb and disgusted, 37 strokes over par, he reached over, grabbed his clubs and bag from Old Angus and tossed them over the cliff into the churning sea below.

Turning to Angus and with the spittle of frustration coming from his mouth he said, ‘Angus, you are positively the worst caddie on the face of this earth,’ to which Old Angus replied, ‘Nay, I dinna think that’s possible laddie, it would be far too much of a coincidence .. .’


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