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Golf is Serious


Bob, the devoted golfer, got married to Sue; however the relationship soon had problems as he was playing golf five days a week.

They eventually discussed it and Sue asked Bob if he could teach her how to play golf.

That way, proposed Sue, they both could enjoy golf and enhance their marriage. Bob argued that golf is a serious sport and that she was simply attempting to destroy the one perfect thing in life.

Following some heated discussion, Bob consented to have her go to the course with him.

They went to the golf course and Sue enrolled to take some instruction with the local pro. The lessons kept taking place on a daily basis and Bob was pleased she didn’t bother him.

One day, Bob’s close friend Ralph asked him how the marriage was going.

Bob responded, ‘It is fantastic; ever since she began taking golf lessons, she doesn’t hassle me and lets me play all the golf I want.’

Ralph responded with a sad shake of his head, ‘Really? Then I reckon you don’t know that she is screwing around with the golf pro!’

Bob’s eyes turned crimson, smoke came out of his ears and he became quite frightening. He said, ‘Damn! I knew it couldn’t last; I knew Sue would make a mockery of the game!’


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