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An eight-year-old boy and his six year-old brother were playing golf with their friends and practicing both their game and their swearing.

The older boy suggested after the game that it was time they introduce their parents to their new talent.

He told his little brother, ‘When we go back to the clubhouse I’ll say “hell” and you say “ass”.’

The six-year-old readily agreed.

As the two boys are seating themselves in the clubhouse for snacks their mother came in and asked how the game was.

The eight-year-old replied, ‘Hell, Mom, it was good except I got a triple bogey.’

The surprised mother reacted with a swift whack on the boy’s bottom and told him to go to the car.

The boy ran off crying and rubbing his backside.

With a sterner voice, the mother asked her younger son how his game was.

The boy replied, ‘Okay, but you can sure bet your ass I didn’t get a triple bogey .. .’



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