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One day a guy had gone golfing. Around the fifth tee he was separated from his buddies momentarily, and bumped right into a passing demon.

“Hey there,” said the demon, “how’d you like to make this a hole in one?”

“What exactly is the catch?” said the man suspiciously.

“It reduces the length of your sex life by 5 years,” answered the demon.

“Hmmm . . . okay,” says the golfer, and proceeded to make a fabulous shot, a hole in one, just as prescribed.

On the following tee, the guy once again bumped into the demon. “How’d you like to make it 2 holes-in-one in a row?” suggested the demon. “It’s only been accomplished five times in the history of golf.”

“What’s the payment this time around?” said the man.

“Shortens your sex life by an additional 20 years.” said the demon.

“I suppose,” agreed the man, and once again produced an incredible golf shot.

All of his buddies were wonder-struck and people were coming from miles away to see him play . . . two holes-in-one during the same round!

Along the succeeding golf hole, the man just as before, bumped into the demon, who offered once again.

“Look, another hole-in-one would mean 3 in a row. It’s actually never happened in the history of the game of golf! C’mon!”

“No problem,” asserted the man, agreeing. “What do I have to surrender this time?”

“You may in no way touch a person belonging to the opposite sex ever again for the remainder of your life.” proclaimed the demon.

“Okay!” said the guy, and again proceeded to make another hole-in-one.

And that’s how Father O’Conner got into the Guinness Book of World Records!


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