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Golf Shots Have Nicknames


Feel free to use these nicknames for all of the great golf shots you miss hit …

“Willie Nelson” – On the road again. When you hit a golf ball onto a road or path.
“An Adolf” – taking two shots in a bunker
“Bin Laden” – driven out and never to be found again
“O.J. Simpson” – shouldn’t have, but got away with it
“Yasser Arafat” – Ugly and in the sand
“Rock Hudson” – Looked straight but wasn’t
“Elton John” – Big bender that lips the rim
“Saddam Hussein” – From one bunker straight into another
“John Kennedy, Jr.” – Didn’t make it over the water
“George Bush” – Steadily fading
“Dick Chaney” – shooting every direction, as in shooting someone with a shotgun spray pattern
“Rod Blagojevich” – A real bad lie
“Rush Limbaugh” – Too far to the right
“Nancy Pelosi” – Too far to the left
“Anna Kornikova” – Looks great, but unlikely to get results
“Princess Di” – shouldn’t have used a driver
“Princess Grace” – should have used a driver
“Pat Zajac” – too much spin
“Jamie Oliver” – you really want to smack it but you can’t
“Vinnie Jones” – nasty kick when you’re not expecting it
“Marylin Monroe” – a fair crack up the middle
“Kate Winslett” – Little bit fat but otherwise perfect
“Rodney King” – Overclubbed
“Barbra Streisand” – ugly but still working
“Sally Gunnell” – ugly but a good runner
“Dennis Wise” – nasty little five footer
“Monica Lewinski” – shot lands 2 feet from the hole
28b.     “Monica Lewinski” – A put that is all lips and no hole
“Liberace” – Looks like an easy hole but all may not be what it seems
“Jeffry Dahmer” – Sliced it.
“Don Juan” – Long Putt
“Dolly Parton” – Topped it.
“Emilia Earhart” – ball took off great – but, just disappeared
“Bill Clinton” – When you can’t remember which hole you played last.
“Roseanna Barr” – golf shot that is somewhat chunky
“Adolf Hitler” – A hookenfukker – hooked it
“Jimi Hendrix” – Got really high – but didn’t go very long
“Sonny Bono” – Straight into the trees
“Pee Wee Herman” – Pulled It – Too much wrist
“Linda Ronstadt” – (Blue Bayou) blew by you – a longer drive than previous hitter(s)
“Calista Flockhart”  – A shot that is a little short, but still pretty
“Danny DeVito” – Short, fat and ugly
“Lawrence of Arabia” – You’ve spent all day in the sand
“Buddha” – Simply Beautiful


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