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Great Golf Shots


Two Northwest golfers reach a very foggy par three.

It’s the last hole of a tightly contested match, with a lot of money at stake.

They can just see the top of the flag-but not anything of the green.

‘Not to worry’, said their caddies. ‘We will watch what happens when the balls land.’

So, off the caddies go towards the foggy green and both players take their shots.

When the players reach the green and look around, they find one ball a foot from the hole and the other in the hole.

The caddies ask what make and number ball the players were using, as they were unsure which one had holed out.

One player says, ‘A Bridgestone, number 2.’ The other says, ‘That’s what I was playing, too!’

With that, everyone decides the only way to find a solution was to talk to the pro.

After hearing the story, examining the balls and congratulating them for their great shots, he asks the caddies, ‘Okay, now which of them was using the yellow Bridgestone … ?’


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