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An Australian professional traveled to Japan to play in an important golf tournament. He took his younger brother as a caddy.

The first evening in Tokyo, the golfer had an early bedtime but the brother opted to go out on the town. It was his first trip internationally, so he wanted to see what the big outside world was like.

He ended up in a house of ill repute and while he was having his wicked way with one of the young ladies, heard her shout, ‘YAKAMOTO! YAKAMOTO!’  She just about brought the house down with it.

Assured in his mind and ego that this ardent cry of ‘YAKAMOTO; was an expression of approval at his manhood, the brother returned to his lodging nicely delighted with his night out.

The following day on the very tight golf course, his brother, the pro, is ready to take on the challenging 197 yard, all-water carry, par three fifth hole. A proposition made even more difficult by the abrupt arrival of a typical Japanese industrial smog.

He spots a flag in the distance, pulls out a four iron and drills it as straight as an arrow into what he believes is the fifth green. It lands on the turf and goes straight into the hole!

The crowd all rose as one and screamed, ‘YAKAMOTO! YAKAMOTO!’

The caddy brother says to his pro brother, ‘From my modest understanding of Japanese, big brother, I think that indicates it was an amazing shot and you’ve hit the target.’ To which the more experienced pro brother  answered, ‘Fraid not little brother. I’ve hit the wrong green. YAKAMOTO in Japanese means wrong hole …’


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