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How A Page From A Golfaholic Can Help Your Game


While golfers enjoy all the perks of beautiful settings, fresh air, and above all a great game to play there are a few players who can get a little too caught up. Perhaps you have seen this player before, know one, or maybe as you read this list you slowly realize it’s you. Every sport has their addicts, golf just has it’s own name for them, welcome golfaholics. Here are a few telltale signs that golf might just be your Achilles heel:

1. You take naps with your putter

2. Have a pet name for any of your golf clubs or bag

3. Scheduled events, parties, or functions so they wouldn’t interfere with your tee time

4. Spend over $300 on a new club solely for the hope that you might gain an extra 3 yards with it

5. Only remember the great shots you had from that day, in complete denial about those bunkers

6. Have nightmares about hitting the ball into hazards or lake monsters eating your golf ball

7. You’re copy of Hogan’s 5 Lessons is the only book you have opened in the last month

8. You own a box of yellow golf balls solely for the reason they show up better in the snow. Meaning you plan on playing when it’s below 30 degrees out

9. You clean your clubs more than your car

10. You take your own putter to mini golf

clip_image002What these types of golfers clearly don’t lack is an inspiration. However, there are those days where bunkers haunt your dreams and all you want to do is throw your club in the lake when you’re done with your round, this is where a little motivation can go a long way. A golfer needs inspiration possibly more than other sports because it’s played by such a fine margin, a single stroke can make or break the game. What these golfers need to keep in mind is the reason they love the game in the first place. Take a page out of the golfaholics diary, take in the beautiful scenery, remember and enjoy the rounds where you sank every putt, and don’t forget you have already been bitten by the golf bug and there is no getting out of it.

Of course, that is all easier said than done. One of golf’s biggest hurdles is its mental game. Numerous books, theories, and lessons have been taught to help golfers with their mental state. In the middle of a bad round, it’s difficult to put those mental blocks behind you but if you find those little bits of inspiration you may just be able to turn it all around.

A guest post by Hilary Harrison from GolfClubs.com


  1. I got to thinkin’ … that’s actually a pretty short list. I think we can add to that.

    11. There’s a good chance that the CD in your car is the soundtrack to “Tin Cup”.
    12. You’ve worn out at least one “CaddyShack” DVD.

    OK, you’re turn …


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