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How to Fix Your Sky Caddie SG4


If you read SkyGolf Part 3 you know of one way to “fix” the stripped out screw problem. Well, not really a fix, more of a hack. But it works! The biggest problem with that hack is I’m always looking for my clamp in the garage and realize it’s on my Sky Caddie.

Got a comment from my new best friend John <grin> about another method that I had also thought of but was too lazy to actually do it. Besides, the clamp thing was a lot funnier and poked at SkyGolf a lot more. But John had described it in a little more detail than I probably would have originally. My background is in construction and my power tools would have probably made a mess out of the whole thing.

Since John did such a great job with the instructions I decided to try it myself and document the procedures with actual pictures. That way you don’t have to violate man-laws by reading any instructions, you can just look at the pictures. However, I recommend reading the instructions as there are some subtle tricks that if not followed, will render your Sky Caddie more useless that it is now.

Step 1a
Remove screw turning counter-clockwise

Step #1

Remove the screw by pulling on it and turning it counter-clockwise. This step should take less than 1 beer. (I tend to measure things in beers sometimes, especially when working in my garage).

Step 1b
Good job!





Step 2
No power tools needed, just use your hand.


Step #2

You are now going to use a drill bit in your hand, NOT IN YOUR DRILL, to carefully enlarge the hole in the back of the connector. The plastic is very soft and you need to be careful because there are wires embedded in the housing. John must have a bitchin’ set of bits ’cause he used a 17/64″ where all I could find was a 5/16″ bit. Anything slightly larger than the screw base.

You don’t need to go very deep. We’re just trying to catch a few more threads on the screw. We went about as deep as the thick base part of the screw.

Step 3
A fine mess we’ve made (Yes, I’m left handed)






Step 3
I still think the clamp was more fun …

Step #3

This has worked twice for John. I was also successful in not totally mucking it up. Time for another beer to celebrate my handiwork!

John, thanks for taking the time to comment on my previous post. I appreciate it. Here, have a beer …






  1. I KNEW there had to be a way to fix this problem!! You just saved me $90 bucks. Skycaddie’s answer to the problem: “you can trade in your SG4 for a refurb for $89.99. With that you get return mail for your old one and programmed with all your courses. “Bite me!!” Thanks guys I used the 5/16 bit. It took three tries to get the right depth, it works. Thanks!! Grace

  2. Glad we could help. “Bite Me”, “Kiss My A…” and whatever else, goes out to SkyCaddie on their customer service methods. Even though mine is fixed, I am still cancelling at the end of my term and going the smart-phone app route. Thanks for the comment Grace.

  3. GolfDawg: Thanks for the fix. Looking at your picture, though, cable connector should be rotated 180deg. It is upside down. Should fit into grooves.

  4. having massive trouble w/ what was a previously functiong sg4; can’t get the thing to sync, even after intrusions into my computer by the support techs (3 times) to make caddiesync “recognize” my unit; it worked fine, right after I paid my subscription fee, and now nothing; their solution, as usual, send it in and pay $90 for a refurb to only open the door for the same issue down the road; I thing they have dinged the software to discourage older unit owners to become annoyed enough to throw in the towel and buy the new units….cash flow thing…times are tough…anyway, tried a different computer and still no luck…it’s a paperweight now…way to go skyccrappie

  5. Works well until the tiny screw breaks off while tightening too much! There isn’t a screw extractor small enough to get that out! …Goodbye Skycaddie!

  6. Hi GolfDawgg,

    Great blog you got here. Since you’re an end user of this product – my question to you would be would you recommend this product?

    Do you think it gives you value for your money

    Looking forward to your thoughts

  7. Hi Chris.

    If you caught my sense of outrage at all you would know that I am not a big fan of SkyCaddie products. For most of the subscription price you could get something else that does not require any paid updates. SkyCaddie is way behind the times.


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