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How to Throw a Golf Club


Over the years you are going to try new things. Some things you’ve never tried before. Other things you might have tried but failed miserably at. There’s a first time for everything. For example, have you ever thrown a golf club in anger? Yes? Did it go where you thought it would or did you almost kill your golf buddy?

It’s not as easy as it seems is it?

As in other aspects of the golf swing, proper instruction will help you perfect your throw. With a couple of broken golf clubs, one stuck in a tree and a sand wedge drowned in a pond in Surprise, AZ, I could teach you the proper methods and tips to get the proper distance and accuracy (without killing your golf buddies) but instead, I found an expert on the subject who has already provided a video to perfect this task along with a few others. Watch as Rob Stocke, certified PGA teacher, shows us the proper methods.






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