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Yes, the Kona Country Club has more than one course, the Ocean course and the Mountain course. Heaven forbid if you have to make a choice of playing one or the other, ’cause they’re both GREAT.

We were on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2005 on a condo time share package and were lucky enough to play both courses in the same day for under $100. Ocean course first, then the Mountain course. My buddy and I both agreed, after playing both courses, that if we had to pick just one to play, it would be a coin toss. They were both a lot of fun and so different from each other.

You can see quite a bit of the Ocean course from the Mountain course which makes it kind of fun if you’ve already played the Ocean course. Although the course was in great shape and very fun and challenging to play, the scenery definitely stole the show. The Mountain course obviously had some elevation changes but the Ocean course was not totally flat either. The vistas from the Mountain course sometimes made you forget it was your turn to hit. Being so close to the water and palm trees on the Ocean course made me feel like I was in a postcard.

Of course, who could resist the temptation to smack a ball as far out into the ocean as you could (sadly, it was my best drive of the day). A miss-hit could mean looking for your ball in the lava on the Ocean course, or risk getting chased by a mountain goat on the Mountain course.

The Pro-Shop personnel were friendly and the food was good at the restaurant in between rounds. And as I’m winding down on this review I realize I haven’t talked much about golf or the condition of the course. I think the greens were rolling true, I think the fairways were in good shape, I don’t think the rough was to hard to get of.

Hmmm, all I really remember is that if I’m ever back on the Big Island, I’m playing both of those courses again!


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