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Let’s Make it Interesting


Reggie Prescott-Lloyd was sitting in the clubhouse bar sipping a brandy when he was joined by his friend Ronald Bellingham-Spencer.

“Reggie, I must speak to you,” said Ronald.

“Do sit down old boy and have a drink,” invited Reggie, waving for another drink.

“Reggie, what I have to say is very painful but it must be said.   I love your wife and want to marry her,” stated Ronald firmly.

“But she is married — to me,” pointed out Reggie.

“Yes, but divorce would take care of that.”

“Divorce indeed!   Such a messy business.  The dogs and horses have to be considered.   Lots of bother you know.   Why are you telling me!  Why didn’t Margaret tell me about this affair?” queried Reggie.

“Well she thought you might be upset and want to challenge me to a duel,” confessed Ronald.

“Good Gad!   Do they still do that sort of thing?  I don’t mind getting up at dawn for a game of golf but I’m damned if I’m going to get up that early for a duel,” snorted Reggie.

“Well let’s play golf for her,” proposed Ronald.   “The winner to take the lady.”

“That’s a jolly good idea,” agreed Reggie.   “And to make it interesting let’s have a £10 bet on it.”


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