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You Might be at a Redneck Golf Club If …

  • A golfer and his dog use the same tree
  • The bartender thinks Dom Perignon is a mafia leader
  • A 7 course meal is a bucket of KFC and a six pack
  • The speakers on the clubhouse are from the old drive-in
  • The coffee table is a used cable spool
  • The #1 person on your partners ‘Most Admired’ list is Jack Daniels
  • The head pro’s beer can collection is considered a tourist attraction
  • Going to the restroom at night requires shoes and a flashlight
  • ‘Loading the dishwasher’ means taking your wife out and getting her drunk
  • The grass on the greens is really a hybrid strain of alfafa
  • Strangely, the tee markers look like shaped cow pies
  • The set of available rental clubs includes several farm implements

Feel free to add to these in the comment section below.

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