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New Rules of Golf


Here are some additional Rules of Golf that should be adopted immediately. I’m sure you’ve all used at least some of  these in the past, and will now use them in the future.

If a ball is swung at and missed
A player who assumes his stance, formally addresses the ball and then fairly strikes at it, but in so doing fails completely to make contact with any part of the ball, is deemed to have performed a full-address rehearsal of his swing (practice swing) and therefore need not count a stroke.
However, he must not show by either facial or verbal expression any disgust, frustration or provide any excuse. Above all, he should not blame the course.

Ball renounced in flight
A player who hits a long, high drive that immediately travels in a clearly undesired direction may disown the ball while it is still in flight and instantly tee up and hit another without assessing a stroke for the first wayward shot.

Ball playable in water hazard, but just not worth it
If a player’s ball comes to rest within the margins of a water hazard in a highly playable lie from which he is certain he could, if he so desired, hit a successful recovery shot with no difficulty whatsoever, but the marshy, muddy, swampy or boggy state of the surrounding terrain makes it inevitable that in the execution of such a stroke, he himself, his clothing or his equipment would be extensively soiled and/or soaked or that he would be obliged to assume a stance requiring the time-consuming removal of his footgear or other elaborate preparations, he may move his ball, without penalty, to the nearest equally favorable lie inside the hazard where conditions are sufficiently dry to permit prudent, sensible and reasonable play.

Ball not put fully into play
A player may replay any tee shot once, without assessing a stroke, if his ball fails to pass beyond the forward edge of the raised mound or grassy area comprising the ladies’ tees.

Ball missing in fairway but obviously not lost
When a player cannot find a ball that he has clearly and unmistakably hit into the fairway, he may declare his ball to be ‘missing but obviously not lost’ and drop another ball in the approximate place where his original ball must have come to rest and play that second ball, without penalty of stroke.

Ball hit slightly out-of-bounds
If the ball lies just beyond the line of the out-of-bounds stakes and can be tapped, pulled, dragged or spooned back into bounds with any conforming golf club by a player standing within bounds and if the ball landed out-of-bounds but was clearly attempting to return within bounds when its progress was improperly blocked by mysterious forces beyond comprehension, then the ball may be dropped and played without penalty.

Ball hiding from player
If a player cannot find a ball that has been hit in plain sight into a reasonably playable area of the course where there is an accumulation of dead leaves, seasonal debris, grass clippings or other forms of incidental camouflage in which a furtive ball could improperly conceal itself, the ball shall be deemed to be hiding.

Let me know if you can add to this list in a comment below.


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