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Phil’s 2-Ball Bunker Trick Shot


Maybe it’s because he’s a southpaw and sets up to the golf ball (if not the world) in a strange way. Or maybe Phil Mickelson was a links rat when he was a young un’ and became tired by hitting ’em so straight so often that he decided to create trick shots. Whatever the reason, he is known for lots of them.

Take this one, the 2-Ball Bunker Trick Shot. You will never use this shot on the golf course, and practicing it will not improve your game a bit. And yet, it’s bound to add to your foursome’s pre-round or post-round fun–and it’s one of those rare trick shots that’s not too difficult to pull off.

Hey, you may also earn money performing this shot. Make a bet that you, who probably have trouble backing up the ball, can back up a ball 100 feet!


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