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Power Golf Terms for the Macho Golfer


Flame Broiled: A burner right up the middle, a shot so hot it increases the temperature of the fairway in front of you!

Blazing a Trail: Powerful penetration into a dense forest of out of bounds jungle foliage, so deep that it takes a full safari expedition to find your ball.

Long and Wrong: A golfer with tremendous power and literally no accuracy. This shot will always be a “long way” – both from the tee, and still, to the green…

Nuked or Shmammered: Getting the maximum distance for the club you are using, as in, “I got all of that one!”

Grip it and Rip it: Grab a-hold of the club and don’t bother looking around or lining up, just put all you got into it, but, make sure you have your provisional in your pocket ready to go…

Let The Big Dog Eat: From the movie Tin Cup, the big dog is your #1 club, the bad boy with the biggest club head, and an attitude!

Over Cooked: When you put all your effort into your shot in order to get to the green, only to find that you really did connect this time and your ball is now past the green in the parking lot by the clubhouse. Question is, who’s windshield did you break?


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