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Practice is Overrated


Two long-time women best friends had always wanted to learn to play golf. They finally enrolled, and took some beginner golf lessons. They couldn’t wait to get out to the golf course.

They played every weekend for a month. During this weeks Saturday round, on a short par 3, one of them closed her eyes, took a mighty swing and sliced the golf ball out to the left.

The club flew straight out of her hands, ricocheted off of two trees and killed a pigeon in mid-flight.

Meanwhile, the golf ball continued on, bouncing off of a sprinkler head, striking another golfer squarely on the head, plopping on the green and then rolling majestically across the turf, where it slammed into the cup for a hole-in-one.

The other woman looked at her coldly.

“Barbara,” she said tersely. “You are a little sneak. You’ve been practicing!”



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