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Putting Grip – Cross Handed

An article by: Bobby Eldridge

(Comment by GolfDawgg)
The original title to this article was “Putting Grip – Left Hand Low”, which is fine for right-handed golfers. As many of you know, GolfDawgg is one of those weird individuals who does absolutely everything left-handed, including golf. However, I have always gripped the putter cross-handed, which for me is right hand low. I find this to be more stable and comfortable, but that’s just me.

Putting Grip – Left Hand Low

I could show you the practice putting green and as a matter of fact I can show you the exact putt I had on that beautiful summer day in Yankton, South Dakota. On the morning of the second round I walked out to the putting green dropped three balls four feet from the cup and never hit the hole.

I picked up the three balls walked across the putting green dropped them again on the putting green, re-gripped my putter with my left hand lower than the right hand and drilled the three putts into the back of the hole.

Making those putts that day was not nearly as important as my comfort level knowing that I would not have that odd feeling I had for so many years every time I had a short to medium length putt.

Why Left Hand Low is the Best Putting Grip

There are three reasons why I believe this is how the putter should be gripped. Number one is at impact you have to have the putter return with the exact amount of loft you addressed the golf ball with and by having a long left wrist this will assure you return the putter in that fashion. The second reason is it is much easier to swing the putter straight back with a long left wrist versus a short left wrist with a conventional grip. The third reason is when you grip the putter with the long left wrist you can feel the back of the left hand move towards the target line in the downswing and you can use it to make sure the stroke continues past the golf ball.

So that’s my stance on LEFT HAND LOW and I am sticking with it.

Ok one last thought if you are happy with your putting: DO NOT CHANGE your grip. I know there is more than one way to do something so if you are doing great don’t change.


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