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Review: 40 Games Fore The Golf Course


How do you spend your time on the golf course? I know, golfing, right? What I meant was do you have a goal in mind when you’re playing that particular round of golf? Are you working on your game, trying new swing techniques, or are you just out hackin’ the ball around?

If you’re like me, I usually need some incentive to actually concentrate on my game and try and shoot a good score. If I’m out with my usual group of golf buddies and we don’t have some kind of “game” going, it gets kinda boring, you don’t really have a good reason to try to make the best shot you can. Just drinkin’ beers and hackin’ the ball around, right?

Well, that’s still not such a bad way to spend a Saturday but  we’ve found that it’s a lot more fun to make it worth something. We keep it fairly friendly playing 50 cent skins or for beers at the turn or the 19th hole.

However, playing the same “game” all the time can also get monotonous. We’re always trying to think up new games to make our round of golf more interesting.

Well, we don’t have to think so much anymore since we found “40 Games Fore the Golf Course“, a handy sized booklet that fits easily into your golf bag that includes instructions on how to play lots of new games during your weekend round of  golf.

ForFunBookletInsideIt’s easy to quickly find a game to play with the easy-to-use tab guides on the side of the booklet, divided into the number of players you have in your group. Just flip to the pages that match the number of competitors in your group and select a game to play.

“What if we’re all different skill levels and don’t have a handicap?” you say. Not a problem. Some games can be played regardless of player abilities. One of our favorites we play in this category is Bingo-Bango-Bongo.

For games where handicaps should be used, and for those without a clue what their handicap index might be, you can use the included Handicap Projector to  get a close estimate.

Although the booklet contains the 40 most popular games, you can visit ForeFun.com for a more comprehensive list of fun games to be played on the golf course.

The 40 Games Fore the Golf Course booklet is perfect fore:

  • New golfers not familiar with how much fun can be had on the golf course
  • Golfers struggling to remember the rules and instructions for multiple games
  • Avid golfers looking for new ways to make a buck off their buddies
  • Makes a great gift for your favorite golfer
  • Stocking stuffer for the holiday season
  • Promotional  give-aways for your charity or corporate tournaments including YOUR logo

You are not going to believe how much they are charging for this: Only $5.00!


Some of the games can be a little hard to track scoring so you can also get the Scorecard Pack for an additional $3.00.


I’ve got mine. Whadya say to a little game of “Wolf” for beers at the turn?


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