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The Sailor and the Priest


A sailor and a priest were playing golf one beautiful Saturday afternoon.

The sailor was a horrible golfer and tended to whiff quite a bit. He uttered, “Jesus, missed!” at each occurrence.

The priest tolerated the sailor’s comments for a few holes but couldn’t take it anymore.

“Do not blaspheme, my friend, or God will surely punish you,” pleaded the priest.

Unabashed, the sailor continued to mouth off at the top of his lungs. One shot after another, the sailor continued to hack the ball around the course followed by, “Jesus, missed!” with each bad shot.

Again, the priest admonished, “Please do not utter blasphemous words or God will surely show you a sign.”

It made no difference and the next stroke missed was followed by, “Jesus, missed!” one more time.

Just then, a bolt of lightning shot out of the clouds and struck the priest dead.

There was silence, followed by a thunderous voice from the clouds, “Jesus, missed!”



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