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Some Golf Quickies


A blonde is out playing golf one sunny day, when she suddenly screams and runs back to the club house.

She approaches the resident pro and tells him, ‘I’ve just been stung by a bee!’

‘Where were you stung?’ asks the pro.

‘Between the first and second holes,’ she replies.

‘I’m not surprised,’ answers the pro. ‘Your stance is far too wide.’


Q: What’s the difference between a golf ball and a woman’s G spot?

A: A guy will take 20 minutes to look for a golf ball.

Q: Why do they call it ‘golf’?

A: All the good four-letter words were taken.

Talk about fantastic golf teachers.

He was the best and one day this woman came to him and said that she had developed a terrific slice.

Day and night he worked with her for five months.

Now she’s the biggest hooker in town.



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